DJ name: Lynn Crystal
Bio: Lynn Crystal has worked at WFDU for sixteen years, making her broadcast debut as the newscaster for Marc Copeland's Jazz Influences and later hosting her show Carnival of Song, which showcases exceptional songwriting and performances, whether the artist is well-known, a well-kept secret, or anywhere in between. Besides listening to her transistor as a kid, Lynn’s first experience in broadcasting came at age 30 when she took her first radio class at FDU. Barry Sheffield, WFDU’s Program Director, was her teacher and with his encouragement she began her foray into radio. Lynn’s biggest radio-related thrills to date were being interviewed for Jimmy Webb’s book Tunesmith and meeting Leonard Cohen. Besides Cohen, Lynn’s musical interests include Richard Buckner, Cory Branan, Dave Alvin, Counting Crows, Dan Montgomery, Chris Mills, Lance Whalen, Richard Thompson, Joni Mitchell, Ben Weaver, Jeffrey Foucault, Matthew Ryan, Frank Tedesso, Johnny Hickman, Kasey Anderson and many more. Lynn enjoys poetry, with work published in The Berkeley Poetry Review, Blood Orange Review, Big City Lit, Neon, The Dirty Napkin, Spindle and more. Some of the best lessons Lynn has learned about writing came from her radio guests. From Richard Buckner suggesting a short story by Raymond Carver as an example of how to leave space in one's writing, to Adam Duritz reading a poem by Carolyn Forché to illustrate her influence on his work, doing the show is an incredible learning opportunity, as well as a creative outlet, and even though much of the music she plays is sad, it's really a lot of fun!
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Last seen on: Jun. 08, 2019 @ 9:18 am

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Crash On The Levee 10-16-2021
Carnival Of Song 08-19-2017

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