Dj name:Kenny O'Boyle
Bio:Before Country Kenny ever set foot inside a radio station he was a rodeo clown. Not just any rodeo clown. He was the best rodeo clown this side of the Hackensack River. But one day, Kenny’s hero, Cowboy Curtis was stricken with a nasty case of yellow fever and couldn’t compete in the rodeo. The only hope was if Country Kenny filled in for Cowboy Curtis. Them were some hefty boots to fill. With sweat beading from his hat, the young Cowboy Kid straddled the bull and before he could even get a grip the gate flung open and that bull tossed Kenny face first into the crowd. The injury to his face was severe. It was that day when the Cowboy Kid was first told he had a face for radio. In early 2010 Country Kenny the Cowboy Kid took over the Thursday edition of Let There Be Country. He’s been at WFDU since 2008 when he took his first broadcasting course with Professor Barry Sheffield as an undergraduate at Fairleigh Dickinson University. From then on it was hard to keep him away from a microphone. Kenny started substituting for nearly every show that WFDU has to offer. It didn’t matter what style of music he was playing but he eventually developed an unique blues program called “Kenny’s Barrelhouse” that quickly became his calling card. At the very same time, Kenny became a regular substitute for Let There Be Country, particularly filling in for his teacher, then LTBC host Barry Sheffield on Thursdays. Little did Kenny know that Sheffield was grooming the young Cowboy Kid to take reigns. In addition to his on air work at WFDU-FM, Kenny O’Boyle serves as Assistance Operations Manager for the station. Outside of WFDU-FM Kenny is the Voice of Fairleigh Dickinson Athletics on both the Madison and Teaneck/Hackensack campuses where he serves as Public Address or Play by Play Announcer for various Men’s and Women’s Sports and reporter for
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